The New Landice Treadmills are Here!

April 27, 2017 2 Comments

The New Landice Treadmills are Here!

As Landice approaches its 50th anniversary as manufacturer of the world’s leading fitness products, we are proud to announce the launch of our new and improved line of treadmills – the 90 series.

These new treadmills are built with the latest engineering insights from the Landice product development team and feature significant cosmetic and ergonomic improvements driven by customer and dealer feedback over the years.

The new line is available now and encompasses products for both the Residential and Commercial markets.

What’s New?
One of the first things you will notice is that the upright frame construction has changed from three separate elements, which consisted of two support arms and a crossbar, to a single U-shaped structure. This new design ensures a sturdy and smooth ride where the only “rock and roll” you will experience will come from your music selection.

Resting atop the upright will be a newly formatted console that is smaller and streamlined. The panel has raised chrome bezel buttons and a built-in fan is located on the top of the console. The panels offer the same programming functionality found in previous Executive, Cardio, Pro Sports and Pro Trainer models. The Executive and Cardio come with Bluetooth connectivity. The Cardio and Pro Sports panels have an upgraded LCD screen, offering better contrast.

Directly below the panel are two cup holders located on either side of the upright and a centered platform for resting electronic devices along with USB for charging connectivity. In front of the platform is a mini panel giving you quick access to Resume and Stop buttons along with plus and minus silicone sealed switches for Speed and Incline.

Alongside the mini panel are contact heart rate monitors found standard on all models. Residential models come with a wireless chest strap. An integrated, unencumbered lanyard safety system is located at the base of the mini panel.

The upright, panel, handrails, and base of the machines are designed in an attractive two-tone grey palette will complement any workout location.

Order online, or go to your local dealer now and get the newest in Landice technology today!

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June 29, 2017

Hi Jeff, the L7’s and L8’s you see are part of the new 90 series. 90 is part of the product/serial # designation. Sorry that was not clear but it’s a good point. There is also a 90 series for our commercial line.


June 23, 2017

I see the article on the “new 90 series” treadmills, but i don’t see “the 90 series” referenced in any sales brochure or online. All i see is the L7 and L8. Are there other 90 series models?

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