L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill


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Additional Rehab Options


    Versatile Solution for Rehab and Conditioning

    Zero starting speed and extended parallel medical handrails make the L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill ideal for rehabilitation, physical therapy, and sports conditioning. The L7 can also be equipped with a reversing belt and an orthopedic running belt and suspension system.

    Expanded Walking Area

    The L8 Rehabilitation Treadmill has a more spacious 22" x 63" running surface and a 500-pound user weight capacity as compared to the more compact L7 Rehabilitation Treadmill.

    Finest Quality, Safest Support

  • Parallel Medical Rails for patient safety and confidence

    Reversing Belt Option

    The reversing belt option ideal for practitioners who prescribe  who prescribe downhill and retro-grade walking therapies

    Remote Start Switch

    Included with the Reversing Belt Option, this accessory allows practitioners to stop and start the running belt while manipulating the patients legs.



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