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The Landice CX8 Elliptical Cross Trainer represents the most innovative, technological advances available in the elliptical equipment market today. A true cross-trainer, the CX8 leaps ahead where other ellipticals now lag behind. 

The CX8 is not just one machine. It is a versatile trainer providing multiple lower body and upper body workouts.  Where others stop, the Landice CX8 advances to new levels with its jog, run, climb and core features.

  1. Converging Arm Motion: A more bio-mechanically correct arm swing that replicates the across-the-body motion found when walking and running. Provides the mechanics for an upper body CardioCoreÔ workout that can go from easy to heart-pumping.

  2. Cardio Control Panel: Access easy-to-use programming, a digital workout display, entertainment dock, and a cooling fan. And just below your panel, a convenient hydration station to hold your water bottle.

  3. Rear Drive Inertia System: Enhances your stride by propelling your leg outward and upward. This motion eliminates “knee sheer” and stress on critical joints.

  4. Orthopedic Gel Footpads: Comfortable and secure foot placement enables you to power through your workout.

  5. Ramp-less Electric Incline: Get a cleaner, quieter ride. With no rails to collect dirt and dust, you can reduce equipment maintenance and focus on your workout.

  6. Patented 4-Bar Linkage: Landice’s 12-gauge heavy-duty steel 4-Bar Linkage system is the power behind the CX8’s unique variable motion system.

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