The Landice L7 Will Make Your “Dreadmill” Workout a Fun-Thrilled Workout

August 09, 2017

The Landice L7 Will Make Your “Dreadmill” Workout a Fun-Thrilled Workout

There's a reason the word "treadmill" is used as a synonym for things that are boring and tedious (like parts of your job, maybe). That's because too many treadmills lead to boring workouts. We like to think of those as "dreadmills."

But not the Landice L7.

The Landice L7 is the best home treadmill you'll ever enjoy. One of the reasons you won't get bored shows up right away: The Executive Control Panel. (Control panels with fewer features are available as well.)

The Executive Control Panel offers you a rich menu of preset workout programs to bring excitement and zest to your workouts. You can also take fitness tests to check up on your progress and spur yourself to new achievements.

Landice has been rated #1 year-over-year by the leading consumer rating publications.

The Executive Panel also features a full-color touchscreen and Bluetooth connectivity. That means you can connect with connect easily to the virtual reality workout app RunSocial or to Landice's own workout tracking app. The RunKeeper apps takes you on a virtual run alongside the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks. And it can even connect you to your MapMyRun account.

As an added incentive to enjoy your workout the included reading rack lets you catch up on your reading, taking your mind to a different place while your body keeps working while you view your reading material.

You can add options to help keep your workout joyful and inspiring as well. A tablet bracket makes it easy to read so you can binge watch videos while you run. You can also enhance your treadmill workouts with a 19-inch TV set to binge your favorite shows while you burn calories.

Whether you prefer to run or walk, owning a quality treadmill makes an incredible difference in the enjoyment of your workout. The Landice L7 feels solid under your feet, with smooth motion that makes you want to work out. The motor is strong, the belt is strong, and its overall sturdiness makes the Landice the best treadmill for runners. You'll love its responsiveness, and everyone else in your household will love how quiet this treadmill runs.

The standard shock absorption is outstanding in this top-rated treadmill, protecting your knees even when you're running at full speed. If you want a little extra cushioning for your joints or feet, add the orthopedic cushioning option. The 15 percent power incline helps you get an intense cardio workout without undue pressure on your feet, ankles or knees.

Little details make all the difference on the Landice L7. The cooling fan blows perspiration away so you're encouraged to keep going, and a water bottle holder makes it easy to stay safely hydrated. Wireless heart rate monitoring helps you meet your goals and stay safe since there are no cables to tangle you up.

As a bonus, Landice's customer service is legendary, making the Landice L7 the best treadmill by far. With a lifetime warranty that covers wear and tear, you’ll be running worry-free for years to come. It doesn't get better than that.

If you're looking for one of the best-rated treadmills for home use, you can't do better than the Landice L7. With smooth, quiet operation and every thought given to how you can keep your workout from becoming boring, the Landice L7 is here to get off the tedious "dreadmill" and put you on the running path to life-changing, exciting workouts that can bring joy to your days.

Check out the Landice L7 today.    

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