3 Effective Treadmill Benefits That Will Make You a Better Runner

August 22, 2017

3 Effective Treadmill Benefits That Will Make You a Better Runner

If you do the math, a solid treadmill with a variety of programming and interactive features can cost you $1,000s or more. However, the investment will pay dividends for many years as you bank miles and workouts you might otherwise have missed. 

Why would you want to get a treadmill for your home or run on one in a gym when you can just go outside? Runner’s World columnist Coach Jenny outlined several benefits that logging miles on the treadmill brings. Here’s a summary:

  1. Treadmills are safe and convenient. No rain and no slick surfaces to deal with when it’s winter, and your body doesn’t need as long to warm up when it is frigid out. If you don’t want to run when it is super dark in the morning or evening, jumping on a treadmill at home or in the gym is a great alternative that allows you to focus on the workout ahead. 

  2. You can simulate your race better.If you live in a flat region but have a hilly course coming up, a treadmill can let you mimic the course with its incline setting. In addition, you use apps like RunSocial to run through real-world landscapes using videos of these beautiful locations. Landice treadmills can connect the Run Social App via Bluetooth to the 90-series Landice Cardio and Executive treadmills. Inside your video, you'll see avatars doing the same real-time run from around the world. The treadmill incline will change to match the video terrain and your avatar will keep pace with real-time speed communication. 

  3. It may help your form.Some research shows that runners have reduced stride lengths and higher stride frequencies (turnover) on a treadmill as compared with ground running. You could also use the treadmill on speed workouts to hit intended time goals, since you have no choice but to run at the speed that you have put into the machine. (Just be safe, possibly attaching the safety key to your clothing so that if you slip the treadmill will stop automatically.) 

    And here’s what Runner’s World said recently about our Landice L8 Cardio Treadmill:


Best For: Houses with sleeping babies

The Good: “This thing focuses on what’s important: the feel of the run,” raves RW Reporter Kit Fox. In testing, it proved to be the quietest, and the thick four-ply belt made for ninja-like footfalls. The L8 is also fast to respond to speed and incline changes; runners were shocked at how quickly it reacted to big variations when doing intervals. They also liked how the display flashed until the belt reached its destination, so you know when you’ve reached your desired speed or slope. Unlike other machines, the L8 lets you hit top speed and incline at the same time—the potentially dangerous combo would tax even the world’s best mountain runners in just minutes. Our test model came with the “cardio console” (four setups are available), which prioritizes heart-rate-based training programs.

The Gripe: The tiny fan is all but useless. You have to stand right above the console to even feel it.

Running Surface: 22"W x 63"L
Maximum Speed: 12 mph
Maximum Incline: 15%
Programs: 20
Motor: 4.0 HP

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